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Cookies help us to understand, for example, the use of different parts of our website, which types of browser is used (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc), the popularity of different pages, and which countries visitors to our site are located in, which helps us to provide localisation features. For example, the Statcounter statistics have helped us to notice that we have visitors from many different countries, therefore we plan to add the Google Translate option on our homepage which can instantly convert our pages to another language if a user chooses to do so.

When you first visit our website you will be prompted that we use cookies and you are requested to accept their use, otherwise you should consider not continuing to use our website.

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Limitation of Warranty

Green Aviation maintains the Site and its contents on an “as-is” basis and as available and is subject to unnotified changes . We do not accept any liability for any errors or failures of service.

We are not responsible for any sites that we link, refer or forward to. Green Aviation does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the Site’s content, nor is it responsible for accuracy, reliability or availability of our  partner or any third party site or infrastructure.

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Changes of Conditions of use

Green Aviation reserves the right to change the Conditions of use at any time and without notifiction.

User’s responsibility

You take full responsibility for your use of this Site. Green Aviation reserves the right to refuse or limit your access to this Site.

Applicable law

Green Aviation is registered in England. The conditions of use of this Site are governed by the laws of England, as is any dispute concerning these conditions of use and the Site. Green Aviation may sub-contract or partner to other organisations some or all parts of the management and operation of this site but the applicable law will remain Switzerland. In the event of a dispute the use of an arbitration service will be our preferred option, but we fully reserve the right not to use the option and proceed with other legal options.

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or comments about these terms and conditions of use or other matters concerning the Site, in the first instance please contact our global support team via info at greenaviation dot aero


Last modification: 22 March 2018